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Russian and Germany Student sports organizations defined new formats for cooperation

Russian and Germany Student sports organizations defined new formats for cooperation

From 20 to 27 of October, 2019 the Russian-German project “Sport Unites” took place in Berlin and Hamburg.

Representatives of Russian student sports leagues and German youth sports associations in rugby, handball, basketball, jiu-jitsu, sambo, judo, chess, table tennis and rowing took part in event.

This project is one of the main activities of the Program of Russian-German youth and school exchanges for 2019.

Organizers from the Russian side are the Russian Student Sport Union (RSSU), MIREA – Russian Technological University», carrying out functions of Coordination bureau of Russian-Germany youth exchanges.
Organizers from the Germrman side: the German Sports Youth with supppert from German-Russian youth exchange Fund.

Participants got acquainted with the system of sports work in Germany at all levels (from sports amateur clubs of municipal level to professional organizations). They met with experts from the Berlin and Hamburg sports Committees and representatives of the Bundestag, who oversee sports and bilateral relations with Russia. Also meetings were held with representatives of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth of Germany and members of the Russian-German Council on youth cooperation.

Participants took part in the seminar “The Role of Sports in Sustainable Development and Environmental Improvement”, as well as visited the Olympic Stadium Berlin and the Hamburg Town Hall.

Within the framework of the project there was held a meeting of heads of student sports federations and youth leagues of Russia and Germany on rugby, handball, basketball, jiu-jitsu, sambo, judo, chess, table tennis and rowing sports.

Agreements were reached on holding new joint projects in the field of mass sports in 2020: youth exchanges, educational projects, sports camps, training camps, volunteer programs, remote competitions using Internet bridges, and coaching seminars.

President of the Russian Student Sports Union Sergei Seiranov, and Chairman of the German Sports Youth Association Jan Holze signed an agreement establishing these partnership agreements.

“Our cooperation has been producing positive results for three years,  – President of the Russian Student Sport Union, Sergei Seiranov said, – “Since 2017 we have successfully realize projects of youth sports exchange. Now it is decided to expand our interaction. The Sports Unites project is the next step in the development of student sports in Russia, it is an additional opportunity for our student leagues to get new experience, to get acquainted with sports traditions of another country. Ultimately, our work contributes to confidence-building between the youth representatives of the two countries.”

“Sport Unites” is a project to build a dialogue between major sports associations of the national level, “said Roman Olkhovsky, a member of the Russian-German Council on Youth Cooperation and Vice-President of  RSSU. – The experience of previous projects is now extended to large organizations. Cooperation became wider to went beyond only youth sports exchanges. This same time agreements were reached in the direction of educational projects, competitive and training activities, personnel development. It is important to note that in our work in the field of amateur mass sports we find full understanding with colleagues from other countries in all issues. “

The Russian-German Council on youth cooperation was established in accordance with the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany on December, 21, 2004 and Agreement in the field of work with youth between the Russian Student Sports Union and the German Sports Youth on September 14, 2017. Since 2017 more than 50 bilateral projects of youth exchange in the field of mass sports have been implemented.

Based on the website of the Russian student sports Union.

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