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The Russian-Kazakhstan Youth Forum “Young Scientists!” has completed its work

The Russian-Kazakhstan Youth Forum “Young Scientists!” has completed its work

From October 20 to 23, the Russian-Kazakhstan youth forum “Young scientists!” Was held in Moscow.

The event is aimed at the development of international youth cooperation in the CIS space to reveal the creative, educational, social, spiritual and moral potential of the young generation, consolidate the youth social movement, strengthen friendship, mutual understanding and interaction between the peoples of the CIS member States.

Students of higher education institutions, postgraduate students and young teachers from Russia and Kazakhstan took part in the forum.

The main objectives of the forum were:

  • development of cooperation between educational institutions of Russia and the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • creating conditions for the development and subsequent implementation of joint Russian-Kazakh projects in the scientific field;
  • support and strengthening friendship, interaction and mutual understanding of peoples.

The Forum program included an educational program with discussion platforms, during which representatives of Russian and Kazakh youth exchanged work experience, scientific research, as well as shared their views on pressing issues of bilateral relations and laid the foundation for the implementation of joint research projects.

Subject of sections:

Problems of social sciences development. Structure of scientific knowledge;
Problems of natural sciences development. Structure of scientific knowledge

The forum resulted in the adoption of the Resolution. Participants of a forum offer:

  • to expand cooperation in the field of educational and scientific activities aimed at improving the quality of training of scientific personnel and using the best practices of the activities of educational organizations of higher education and academic structures of Russia and Kazakhstan.
  • to increase the importance of the youth forum in the development of humanitarian dialogue between the youth of the two countries, and expand opportunities for cooperation.
  • to continue to develop and welcome good-neighbourly cooperation, expand the spectrum of communication, increasing the number of scientific and business ties between scientists of our countries, to increase the academic mobility of young graduate students, teachers and researchers between the scientific, educational and research centers of the two countries.
  • to need to implement bilateral youth projects aimed at strengthening friendship and cooperation between youth and youth organizations of states.

Forum will be a platform for development and further implementation of joint Russian-Kazakh projects in the scientific sphere.


  • Association of NGOs «National Youth Council of Russia»
  • RTU MIREA is the basic organization of the CIS member States for working with youth
  • Information-analytical center of Moscow state University with suppert from Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation

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