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The Japanese-Russian Youth Forum (archive event)

The Japanese-Russian Youth Forum

Russian-Japanese youth cooperation is carried out in accordance with the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of Japan on the establishment of the Russian-Japanese Youth Exchange Commission of 15 March 1999. About 70 joint youth events take place each year.

Forum is held as part of the implementation of the Russian-Japanese Youth Exchange Plan for 2019. The purpose of the event is to develop Russian-Japanese youth cooperation.

The main goal: development of Russian-Japanese youth cooperation.

Key subjects of the forum: «What can we do for the world?», «Striving for sustainable development goals», «Next Generation (Society 5.0)», «Development of intercultural dialogue».

The participants

Students of educational organizations of higher education, young professionals and leaders of youth public associations from Russia and Japan, aged 18 to 30 years, interested in the development of Russian-Japanese youth cooperation on the topics of the forum; representatives of organizations that contribute to the development of Russian-Japanese youth cooperation. They were only 69 people.

Key results

As part of the educational program of the forum at Shinshu University in Matsumoto, participants exchanged experiences and discussed ideas for joint projects on the following topics: «What can we do for the world?», «Striving for sustainable development goals», «Next Generation (Society 5.0)», «Development of intercultural dialogue».

SDGs youth envoy Yanina Andrushkevich delivered a keynote speech from the Russian side, noting the importance of intercultural dialogue between Russia and Japan in the context of implementing the goals of sustainable development and maintaining global peace for present and future generations. She presented the achievements of the program “Youth envoys of the SDGs of Russia” to the Japanese side.

At the section “Striving for Sustainable Development Goals,” the participants of the forum exchanged views on the role of universities and students in the implementation of SDGs. They jointly developed the project of an ideal University “Futurosity” that fully meets the standards of sustainable development.

As the part of the cultural program, participants visited the Edo-Tokyo Museum, the Tokyo TV tower, the square in front of the Imperial Palace, The hirayu-Ootaki Waterfall, the Hida Dai-Senyudo Karst cave, the Museum of the Hida-Takayama Matsuri-no-Mori festival, and the city of Takayama.

Director of the Youth Policy and International Relations Institute RTU MIREA, the Chairman of NYCR Grigory Petushkov met with the leadership of the National youth Council of Japan (Japan Seinendan Council). During the talks, both sides expressed interest in developing cooperation between Russian and Japanese youth NGOs. In particular, the Russian side made an offer to exchange delegations during study visits for closer acquaintance with the youth policy and youth organizations of Russia and Japan, followed by the conclusion of a cooperation agreement and the establishment of a permanent platform for dialogue between youth public organizations of the two countries.

Russian-Japanese Commission on youth exchanges

  • Location
    Япония (г. Токио, г. Мацумото)
  • Event date
    26.11.2019 - 04.12.2019
  • Event organizers

    Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation

    Japan Russia Youth Exchage Center