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Convening of Internship for professionals working with youth of the CIS member states in the CIS (archive event)

Convening of Internship for professionals working with youth of the CIS member states in the CIS

In order to improve the skills of specialists and youth workers in the CIS, an internship was organized for the additional professional training program “Organizing of work with youth in the CIS”. The internship program includes: a presentation of the activities of the Republican Institute of higher education; a marathon of successful practices of specialists in the field of organizing work with young people; the work of interactive platforms; presentations of projects implemented on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. In addition to the main program, participants will have an excursion program and a visit to the Museum of military glory.

A distance learning course “Organizing work with youth” (preparation of accompanying documentation, training, information support on the results of training) was organized for the participants of the internship. The distance course is a basic program (24 academic hours) for youth workers, aimed at improving the professional competence of youth workers and forming their understanding of the state youth policy in the Russian Federation and other CIS member States to achieve the level of theoretical training necessary for organizing work with youth in the CIS.

Objectives of the course: to present the basics of modern legislation, state youth policy in development and interaction; to form an idea of a systematic approach to the organization of work with youth in the CIS; to introduce the main activities of youth policy management bodies in the CIS member States; to form basic ideas about the essence and structure of social practices, technologies for involving youth in social practices; to give an idea of algorithms for supporting youth initiatives.


They were youth professionals and youth workers from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, and Tajikistan. A total of 25 people, including representatives of Federal, regional, and municipal structures that implement youth policy; specialists in working with youth and employees of youth organizations and educational institutions; and representatives of public organizations.

Key results

The main problematic aspects of the implementation of projects in the field of work with youth in the CIS, the basics of youth policy legislation and the possibility of integrating projects and exchanging experience among youth workers in the CIS were discussed.

As a result of the distance learning course “Organization of work with youth”, participants were issued certificates of professional development.

Basic organization of the CIS member States for work with youth