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Internship for youth workers in Baku (archive event)

Internship for youth workers in Baku

In order to improve the skills of specialists and youth workers of the CIS Member States an internship was organized for an additional professional advanced training program “Organization of youth work in the CIS” in the territory of the CIS Member States.

Participants: Representatives of federal, regional, municipal structures implementing youth policy; youth workers and employees of youth organizations and educational institutions; representatives of public organizations. 27 people are from the regions of the Russian Federation (Kaliningrad region, Moscow and Moscow region, Omsk region, Samara region) and Baku.

The internship was organized as a part of the implementation of the Azerbaijan-Russian Youth Forum 2021. The forum is a traditional annual event of the Russian-Azerbaijani youth cooperation.  The agenda of the forum reflects the current issues of youth, including those formulated by youth themselves.  The main goal of the forum is to promote the strengthening of bilateral youth cooperation and dialogue between organizations and young people in our countries.

Within the program of the event the participants met with representatives of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the National Council of Youth Organizations of Azerbaijan, visited youth sites, got acquainted with the structure of youth policy of the Republic of Azerbaijan.  At the sites of youth organizations, group work, lectures, presentations of youth work practices were held, and work with youth in the Commonwealth space was also presented.  The groups discussed effective measures and opportunities for cooperation for further work.  In addition to working meetings, a cultural and excursion program was organized for the guests of the city.


For youth workers the basics of state youth policy in development and interrelationships on the Commonwealth territory are presented.

As a part of the group work, an idea was formed about a systematic approach to organizing youth work and the prospects for the development of youth policy in the regions of the Russian Federation and in the CIS.

Participants of the internship identified the problematic issues related to the organization of work with youth in the CIS area and ways to solve them, pointing out the importance of interaction with various structures of youth policy at all levels; got acquainted with various practices of working with youth, presented their ideas and projects, exchanged experience.

During the work the participants discussed the development of further interregional and international cooperation, the organization and holding of the annual Azerbaijan-Russian Youth Forum 2021, presented the practices of working with youth using the example of their institutions, got acquainted with the activities of the base organization of the CIS Member States for working with youth.

Based on the feedback, the participants announced the practical importance of such events.

Basic organization of the CIS member States for work with youth

  • Location
    Baku, the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Event date
    25.12.2021 - 28.12.2021
  • Event organizers

    MIREA – Russian Technological University